The Case For Silver Over Gold, 1 to 3?

Do you like gold? Have you considered securing some of your assets in precious metal investments? Would you swap 1 oz of silver for 3 oz of gold?

Most people would dive right in.

But you might wonder, who’s willing to be on the other side of that transaction?

Currently, no one in their right minds. But that wasn’t always the case…

Did you know, for example, that in Egypt during the Old Kingdom, silver was rarer and more valuable than gold?

...Or that when Japan was opened to European commerce in the early 19th century, they exchanged gold for silver at the rate of one to three, and even less?

According to "The Origin of Metallic Currency and Weight Standards" by Sir William Ridgeway:


“That was because they possessed no native silver and were charmed with the beauty of the little known metal.”

The Arabs of the Soudan also preferred silver to gold up until the 1890's.

The reason I’m telling you all this is so you realize the value of precious metals is always changing. Their value largely depends on their current use, availability, and other external circumstances.

Given that, industry experts now have every reason to predict silver making a comeback in the next decade, making savvy investors rich...

7 Reasons To Invest In Silver In 2018 And Beyond:

#1 - Silver is real

When you invest in physical silver, you invest in real money that you can hold in your hand. It's a great store of value that has stood the test of time. It’s great for investors who don’t consider themselves traders, or don’t have the time to track the latest trends every day.

What’s more, it’s used in coinage more often than gold.

#2 - You can trade with it easily - it’s practical

Should you need to use your silver as a currency, or sell it at any time, you’ll find it’s easy to do so. It comes in much smaller denomination than gold, so you can manage your inventory without headaches.

You can even use it outside the USA if you want to. Silver coins and bars are valued and accepted virtually anywhere in the world.

#3 - Silver has over 10,000 industrial use

Thanks to its extraordinary high thermal and electrical conductivity, silver has more than 10,000 industrial uses.

With the recent discovery of nanoparticles and nano silver, there's been an explosion of silver uses and applications in the home. Industrial use now takes up more than half of all worldwide silver demand.

Unlike gold, most industrial silver is consumed or destroyed during the fabrication process.

This results in diminishing supplies. Add growing demand to the picture, and you’ll see why smart investors are currently jumping on investments like THIS.

#4 - As low as $100 can get you started

Silver is simply more affordable than gold. For just $100 you can get about 6 ounces. That means you’re able to protect yourself from a financial crisis...

Plus you can get a good return on your investment when silver prices rise, even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to start with.

#5 - Silver inventories are decreasing

Since 1996, the government decreased its silver inventory by 73%. That means if the industry demands it (and it will, as you'll see), they won't be able to help supply those needs.

Not only that, but silver exploration and the development of new silver mines were cut dramatically since 2011. That doesn’t help with serving the growing market demand either.

In 2018, investors are now speculating and showing increasing interest in exciting silver investments.

#6 - Silver’s industrial use is about to explode

Silver is widely used in growing industries. They need silver for the production of electronics, solar panels, cars, engines, medical equipment, 3D printing, cell phones, plastics and chemicals.

As a new technology gains market share (e.g. the internet of things), the industrial demand for silver follows. That’s why investors who secure their bullions at a great deal such as THIS will see a steady increase in their portfolio value over the coming years.

#7 - All this indicates soaring silver prices in the upcoming years

You have increasing industrial demand, with limited and decreasing supplies. You have small investors speculating that for long-term investment purposes, silver will be more valuable than gold.

Then you have facts like silver is the only precious metal Warren Buffett invested in, having bought over 130 million ounces.

All this indicates that silver prices will soar in the upcoming years, possibly outperforming gold. But unlike gold, silver’s barrier to entry is low. You can get in on the action even with a small investment...

That’s why The American Wealth Watch Organization advocates considering silver over gold as a profitable, yet safe long-term investment. But beware: not all vendors are created equal...

As silver as an investment became popular, it not only attracted investors, but scammers and unethical traders as well.

AARP’s consumer protection column warns: "Americans are losing millions through coin scams.”

As a recent example, a company called “Merit Gold & Silver” ran ads offering bullion for 1 percent over dealer cost. When a potential investor called, the salesman told them that collectible coins were a better investment, outperforming bullion by more than 2 to 1.

As a seasoned investor, I’m sure you know what happened when someone chose the “better” option...

The coins were offered at a much higher rate than their actual value. Some were marked up as much as 35%. Everyone lost money but the company.

That’s not the end of it...

Consumer protection lawsuits are filed against precious metal investment vendors every year.

Don’t go gambling with your money, trying to find a precious metal investment company by yourself.

To make it safe and easy for you to steadily grow your wealth, we've compiled a list of the best silver vendors we could find in 2018.

These are all from trusted sources where the pricing is beneficial, and your investments will be secured.

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Doug Wilson