Crypto Experts Warn: “Once this reaches major exchanges, it will be too late”

Are you tired of missing soaring crypto investments while others get rich by pure luck?

Do you wish you could identify cryptocurrencies about to explode in upward price action? (And stop missing potential gains as much as 592%, or even 2043%?)

Then I want you to realize there is an unspoken problem affecting most investors on the cryptocurrency market… and I’ll show you how you can avoid it.

I’m writing today to inform you about a major misconception that holds most small investors back from making big money with crypto.


Most investors lurk major crypto exchanges, looking for profitable new investments.

The average investor is too lazy to do real research.

They’re all looking at top 100 lists, top gainers and losers… and they’re all trying to get in on the newest coins at the right time...

But they’re all looking at the same things, on the same spot.

That’s why instead of securing a retirement fortune, most small investors only get burnt and disappointed.

They don’t know how the cryptocurrency market works...

Just like in the stock market, if you’re buying on the news, it’s usually too late. You have to know about the winners before most others do. I’ll show you why.

Cryptocurrency Expert Thomas Meyer now warns: “By the time a new altcoin reaches a major exchange, it’s usually too late to get in.”

We agree.

If you’re looking at big, mainstream exchanges to find new altcoins, you’re missing the most profitable time to buy.

For example, most people only heard about Bluzelle (BLZ) when it appeared on CoinMarketCap, trading for about $0.71 a pop.

Early investors got in at $0.12 per piece. That’s a potential 592% gain (that you missed)!

Looking for opportunities at big crypto exchanges expecting to find a winner that will quadruple in value is a lot like looking at the Fortune 500 list… expecting to find an exciting new start-up to invest in.

It’s not going to happen.

You’re simply looking in the wrong place, but there is an easy fix.

Instead, smart investors looking for big gains go to exchanges most people don’t even know exists.

Here’s how it works in practice:

Before a cryptocurrency gets on a major crypto exchange network, they first have to start trading on more concealed exchanges to raise money and get the initial cash flow going.

These coins are not yet on any mainstream lists. They are not trading in major exchanges. Only a select few people in the know are able to invest in them.

The best part?

Once they raise enough money to get into a mainstream exchange, they EXPLODE in value. That’s because of the complex announcement ecosystem of the crypto market.

There are dozens of bots, alerts, and signals traders subscribe to just for hearing about when a new coin lands on a major exchange.

Suddenly, these little-known new cryptocurrencies will be all over Twitter, trading forums and newsletters, bot picks, and investment sites.

Once there, everyone wants a piece of them.

The price action soars.

That’s what makes early investors a lot of money, almost overnight. This is the same process that has happened to Bluzelle (BLZ), the coin I mentioned earlier.

This has also happened to All Sports (SOC), where early investors got in at $0.0093. Once All Sports coin (SOC) reached the mainstream sites, its value soared to $0.19. That’s an incredible 2043% gain within a month, with a low barrier to entry.

I could go on and on. These are just recent examples.

It’ll happen again and again, with or without you. It’s just a product of the way new cryptocurrencies are launched, funded, and then marketed.

But for those who want to get in on the action before it’s too late, The American Wealth Watch Organization must issue a warning:

Poking around in the dark alleys of little-known exchanges and ICO’s, comes with risk.

For example...

In recent news, the startup Prodeum disappeared after its online fundraiser. Their website going blank late Sunday aside for the text "penis" in the upper-left corner.

Another small exchange, EtherDelta got hacked and replaced with a fake site that stole investors money in December, 2017.

Stories like these continue to appear.

The consultancy firm Ernst & Young analyzed 372 ICOs that raised a total of $3.7bn. Of that, roughly $400m had been stolen by hackers, who were taking up to $1.5m in ICO proceeds per month. - writes the Guardian.

That’s why we urge you to stick to safe, reputable, and tested small exchanges.

As one of our first jobs as a watchdog organization for American citizens wealth, we’ve compiled a list of the best and safest minor league crypto exchanges.

These are the trusted sources where you can still invest small amounts in new coins with the potential to explode.

>>Click here to download the list as a PDF.


Adam Smith,
Head of Research

Doug Wilson