About Us

Our Mission: Help Secure & Grow Your Wealth

The American Wealth Watch is a watchdog organization created to help secure and grow your wealth through monitoring the latest investment opportunities with critical eyes.

By publishing both free and paid informational materials such as newsletters, videos, online publications, and more, we’re providing the American public with much-needed insight and security.

In a world full of financial scams, hackers, traders with insider information, and fake news, we serve to help protect and grow your wealth.

Whether you're interested in cryptocurrencies, the stock market, precious metals, forex, futures and options, real estate, or general online safety, we’ve got you covered.

We aim to keep you informed of all the threats and common mistakes that come with seeking smart alternative investments. We help you get out of bubbles in time, and won’t let you get caught unaware of the latest opportunities (or scams).

Who Are We? Real Advice From Real People...

The American Wealth Watch Organization was founded by Adam Smith, our Head of Research. He's an active investor (on his way to early retirement) in 3 areas of our organization's focus: cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and precious metals.

That's how he can make accurate recommendations and predictions based on insightful analysis. He has tried the products himself and gotten positive results, growing his and his family’s wealth in the process. When it comes to recommending investments, his philosophy is to never touch anything he wouldn’t recommend to his own son.

Adam is also well-read and heavily interested in the topics of cybersecurity, technology, and consumer psychology. Which make him the man you want to listen to when it comes to protecting yourself and your money in this day and age.

It’s his love for cybersecurity and investing, that made him startup the American Wealth Watch organization.

Adam teamed up with Doug Wilson, Editor in Chief to bring the complex and sometimes confusing ideas of investing to the homes of everyday American investors. Before joining The American Wealth Watch Organization, Doug has worked for various market leaders, TED speakers, and financial organizations from all over the world.

He has seen both sides of the financial markets and has a knack for understanding what really motivates investors. He also shares Adam’s passion for all things technology, psychology, and consumer protection. As part of the team, he helps in publishing Adam’s findings.

Finally, we have people like you. Because our organization couldn’t function without smart investors who look out not only for profits but for each other. We couldn’t possibly find as many scams as we do without your help constantly reporting us your suspicions.

Here’s How To Get Started

If you want to help other investors like you protect and grow their wealth, and you’ve seen something fishy, let us know.

You can report a scam that you want us to investigate below:

Or… you can take advantage of our work and read insightful articles on safe investments, scams and mistakes to avoid, and more.

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